Business and leadership

Complement technical skills with practical corporate knowledge.

Business and leadership for engineers

Management skills and business acumen are key components of true professional development. The mental tools required to excel in these aspects of your occupation are different to those utilised in day-to-day engineering. That's why we've created courses dedicated to the nuances of business that you may not have learned in your degree program.

Our Business and Leadership courses are designed to fill the gaps between employee, manager, and executive. You've already worked hard to earn your place as an engineer, let us take you even further by teaching you what it is to be a leader.

Business skills for engineers

Contract management and customer service are often seen as separate from the engineering skill set, yet there's no doubt that aptitude in these areas will propel your career. Courses from Engineering Education Australia will enable you to become a highly skilled communicator and negotiator with extensive knowledge of business methodologies.

Engineering leadership

Engineering is collaborative and teams need leaders who can guide the process from start to finish. Taught by your industry's experts, our courses cover everything from management, to leading high performing engineers, mentoring and coaching. You will gain the confidence and capabilities to really excel in your field.

Expand your skill set

Do you want to become a better businessperson, manager or leader, while meeting requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? Explore our courses at Engineering Education Australia and get started today.

Learn about Business and Leadership courses

Leadership training for your business

Leadership brings more than value to your business. Your leaders maintain relationships with clients. They reinforce the values of your organisation and its reputation. They uphold trust. Great leadership is invaluable because it is a key driver of success.

Ineffective leaders bring great risks. Loss of reputation and talent equates to loss of business. The damage rendered by one poor leader can be irreversible.

Inspiring leaders bring out the best in your team. They ensure projects are brought completion, clients and employees are happy, and your business thrives.

Engineering, while technical, is built on people and teams. The success and value of your endeavours depend on great leaders who can drive progress to fit your vision and serve the interests of your business.

Engineering Education Australia equips your team and corporate leaders with practical skills that enable them to lead with skill and confidence. We train the people you trust the most to provide assurance that your goals are actualised, relationships are nurtured and business reaches its greatest potential.

Visit Engineering Education Australia to learn more about leadership training for your business


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