Engineers Australia’s advocacy work is underpinned by data.

Engineers Australia produces a range of statistical resources to inform policy development.

The Engineering Profession - A Statistical Overview

The statistical overview of the engineering profession in Australia assembles a range of statistics from a variety of official and other sources to assist policy analysis, development and planning on matters involving engineering.

Earlier versions of the statistical overview are available via the resource centre.

Engineering Market Analysis

These policy notes look at the engineering labour market in Australia by analysing the direction of change in engineering vacancy numbers. These policy notes include trends over the last decade, and over the first half of 2016.

This previous edition of the National Labour Market Analysis Report includes the analysis of engineering vacancy numbers but also includes temporary migration numbers.
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Engineering Higher Education Analysis

Statistical reports discussing engineering education and how the completions of engineering courses contribute to the supply of engineers.

Acceptances of Places in Engineering (June 2016)

This Policy Note provides comprehensive analysis of the movement of students into university engineering courses. The flow of current year 12 students and direct applications are examined.
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High School Retention and Participation in STEM Subjects (May 2016)

This Policy Note provides detailed information on retention of high school students to year 12, and discusses participation in critical foundation subjects for tertiary study of engineering.
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Infrastructure in the 2016 Budget (May 2016)

This Policy Note compares infrastructure allocations in the 2016 budget, and compares them to the allocations in the last three budgets.
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