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The South Australia branch of the TAs.

About the Transport Australia society (TAs) South Australia

The South Australian TAs committee decided to postpone the planned Future Transport seminar to 2016. The South Australian government hosted a very successful two day conference on driverless vehicles in November. It was attended by over 300 delegates who heard international and Australian speakers and viewed demonstrations on the final afternoon.

On the following Saturday morning the government closed a section of the Southern Expressway for the first driverless vehicles trial in the Southern Hemisphere, which was carried out in partnership with Volvo, Telstra and ARRB.

Planning for 2016 is progressing and will include the aforementioned Future Transport seminar, with a focus on solar and autonomous vehicles. It is planned to start the year with a seminar on effective cities.

Other event ideas are:

  • Road Safety three years on from the National Strategy
  • Transport Engineering Education
  • A major project site visit
  • One or more events that will directly contribute to the national policy work of TAs, such as international competitiveness.


Chair Philip Blake
Deputy Chair Neville Peters
Secretary Graham Ackers
Committee Members Rocco Zito
  Richard Hanslip
  Peter Tsokas
  Doug Bowers
  Kerry Van Donderen

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