Australian Earthquake Engineering Society (AEES)

For engineers working in engineering seismology and related industries.

The Australian Earthquake Engineering Society was founded to promote engineering seismology and earthquake engineering practices after the 1989 Newcastle earthquake.

The Newcastle earthquake measured 5.6 on the Richter scale and is known as one of Australia’s most damaging natural disasters. With over a dozen fatalities, 160 injuries and 4 billion dollars in damage, the Newcastle earthquake affected tens of thousands of homes and hundreds of thousands of people.

The Australian Earthquake Engineering Society formed to address the need for collaboration, advocacy and advancement for the engineering fields and technologies dedicated to minimising and mitigating earthquake-related risk.

The AEES is home to engineers working in associated fields and run by an executive of volunteers who are elected at the annual Society AGM.

A foundation for earthquake engineers

The AEES is dedicated to reducing earthquake risk by progressing science and engineering practices related to earthquakes and seismology. They seek a better understanding of the many ways in which earthquakes impact our lives including:

  • Physical - how can engineers use the most advanced materials and practices to reduce or even eliminate earthquake damage?
  • Social - how do we plan for, react and behave before, during and after an earthquake?
  • Economic - what are the economic repercussions of a high magnitude earthquake, including infrastructure, insurance and healthcare related costs?
  • Political - what procedures and provisions can and should be in place to reduce risk and prepare safety plans for high magnitude earthquakes?
  • Cultural - how do we, and other cultures, view earthquakes and how do these cultural viewpoints affect preparation and safety?

The AEES is a non profit society that organizes meetings and conferences, creates and publishes newsletter, promotes research and represents Australia to the International Association of Earthquake Engineering.

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