Women in Engineering Western Australia

The Western Australia branch of Women in Engineering.

About Women in Engineering Western Australia

Welcome to Women in Engineering - Western Australia Division. Our mission is to promote diversity in the engineering workforce and culture, and to foster principles of equal opportunity in the engineering profession.

Our objectives

Our objectives:

  • Promote the profession of engineering to women and encourage the development of diverse engineering work practices.
  • Promote equality of opportunity within the engineering profession and Engineers Australia, whilst not discrimination.
  • Increase the participation and retention of women engineers in the profession and in Engineers Australia.
  • Provide a network of support and encouragement for women engineers.

Our means:

  • Provide networking opportunities for engineers and undergraduate engineering students through non-discipline specific technical sessions.
  • Provide female role models for undergraduate students of engineering and secondary school students through technical sessions, school visits and participation in the Institution of Engineers, Australia programs such as Engineering Week.
  • Provide professional female role models for engineers and students by means of annual role model presentations.
  • Provide female representation on Institution boards and committees.
  • Highlight female engineering achievements in Engineers Australia and other publications including local newspapers and the WIE newsletter.
  • Raise awareness and promote discussion of issues relating to workplace practices, education and career development through a broad scope of technical sessions.

Publication on workplace culture

The Western Australia branch of Women in Engineering created an insightful document titled Influencing your organisation's culture: A practical guide to crafting a culture that values difference.

Download the Women in Engineering WA branch publication here


Women in Engineering – Western Australia (WIE – WA) hold two types of meetings – WIE-WA committee meetings, and meetings, gatherings, activities or events organised by WIE-WA for all interested people.

WIE-WA committee meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of the month at the WA Division Office. Events organised by WIE-WA for all interested people are presented at various times throughout the year, most typically on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Events organised by WIE-WA for all interested people usually commence at 5.30pm with light refreshments, followed by a one hour presentation from 6.00pm. Details of meetings are normally advertised in Engineering WA, on the WA Division website and through the weekly email.

Organisations with significant numbers of engineers interested in the WIE-WA meetings are advised directly. If you wish to be included on the list, please contact the WIE-WA secretary or chair. Members of the Institution and others interested in Women in Engineering issues are always welcome at WIE-WA activities.

Contact us

Email: wiewa@engineersaustralia.org.au

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