Engineering Heritage Sydney

The Sydney branch of Engineering Heritage Australia.

About Engineering Heritage Sydney

Engineering Heritage Sydney is a volunteer sub-committee of Engineers Australia - Sydney Division. The 20 or so committee members' interests pertain to the conservation of the technical and engineered part of our historical Australian culture.

The heritage committee promotes and encourages the conservation of engineered works, structures and artefacts to government, public institutions, engineers in general and the community. The committee, through its members, advises on numerous heritage aspects related to buildings, structures, bridges, roads, factories, machinery and various other engineered works and items in Sydney and NSW.


  • Encourage engineers to value the preservation and conservation of significant engineering knowledge and works.
  • Offer pragmatic, practical advice to conserve significant engineering knowledge, works and artefacts.
  • Disseminate to others the federal and state legislation requirements in regards to heritage items and sites with an emphasis on the engineered works.


When : First Wednesday of the month

Where : EA Sydney Division Boardroom

Level 3, 8 Thomas St. Chatswood NSW 2067

Time : 5:00pm-7:00pm

All guests and members are welcome.
Members and non-members of Engineers Australia are welcome to join the committee.

Construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge DVD

In 1930, as the two halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge reached towards each other, Henri Mallard, a Sydney photographer, began filming the construction of the bridge. Allowed access to all areas of the site, Mallard filmed virtually every stage of the building process.

This original black & white silent movie has been copied to DVD with commentary by Frank Litchfield, one of the supervising engineers. This historic recording together with other bridge celebrations is available as a 45 minute DVD and can be obtained from Engineers Australia.

Engineers Australia also has the original Henri Mallard film on Beta-cam tape and makes it available for commercial use to film makers and advertisers. The film is available at negotiable commercial rates.

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To order Contact:

Lea Howard

Phone: 02 9410 5627

Contact us

Phone : (02) 9410 5600

ask for the Sydney Division Heritage Committee

Heritage Issues

If you have an issue relating to a heritage work or an item that Engineering Heritage Sydney can assist with, please contact us through the secretary.


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