eChartered Transition

A revised way of applying for Chartered status. Where are you in your Chartered journey?

Finish what you started: Chartered application transition options

Engineers Australia has now launched its revised application process for Chartered which uses experience and industry references to support your journey and help you obtain Chartered status.

Details of the revised process are outlined below. As an enrolled candidate in the current eChartered process, there are a number of transition options available to help you complete your Chartered journey.

Prepare yourself for the revised process

All eligible eChartered applicants can switch to our revised process. To be eligible, you must be at the grade of Member or above.

To transfer:

  1. Access eChartered and download your Individual Participant Progress Report (IPPR) from the Reports tab and/or copy and paste any started work to a word document for safe keeping.
  2. Complete the Self Assessment & Industry Review in full
  3. Enrol in the new process.  At the payment point, you can select to pay the switch discounted fee of $1100 inc GST either via credit card, or you can send a request to your employer to pay on your behalf.  Note that only employers who have a current agreement with Engineers Australia can be selected.  If they reject your request, you will be redirected to pay via credit card. 
  4. After enrolment, you will have an evidence discussion with one of our Assessors and then provide your full evidence documents for assessment. Any Engineering Competency Claims (EECs) either assessed or written within eChartered, can be described as your evidence for the Industry Review and then used for your Evidence discussion and Evidence upload for Assessment as an alternative to other evidence types required.
  5. The access point to your new application will be different to eChartered.  Please ensure you select “Chartered 2017+" from the menu after login to the Engineers Australia website.

The discounted switch rate of $ $1100 inc GST (introductory rate is $1760 inc GST) is for a limited 12- month period only. There will be no refunds of fees paid to date within eChartered for eligible applicants unless discussed with and agreed by Engineers Australia. The discounted rate being offered to you takes into account likely fees already paid.

We encourage you to switch within the next few months.  The discounted rate only applies for 12 months.  In addition, your eChartered record will be closed in mid-2018 and you will lose access to any ECC work that you may want to use within your new application. 

If you are close to finishing or a significant way through your application process, you can finish your Chartered application using the current eChartered process, but only for a limited time.

You must have completed and submitted all competencies, your EER, CV and CPD Log no later than 31 March 2018. 

If you do stay using eChartered to complete your application, you will continue to be charged the current eChartered submission fees.

However as an incentive to complete your application using eChartered, we are offering you a discounted rate for the Professional Interview Fee of just $337 inc GST, which is valid until eChartered is closed in mid 2018.

If you choose to stay with eChartered, but you then find that you still have a significant amount of work to do, or finding the time for your application is proving difficult, we encourage you to take advantage of the discounted rate of $1100 inc GST by transferring to the revised process.

If you are currently enrolled on one of our existing eChartered pathways, but have at least 20 years or post graduate engineering experience, you may be eligible for our Chartered via Interview process for senior engineering professionals.  Please forward an up to date CV to so that we can review your suitability for this option.  If you are suitable, we will provide details on completing your Chartered application through this option rather than the Stay/Switch processes.

If you are not sure which option you want to choose and have questions, you can contact our Member Services Team on 1300 653 113 Monday- Friday between 8.30am-6.00pm AEDST or email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Work already assessed in the current eChartered process will not automatically be credited within the revised process, however for the most part, our Assessors will mark competencies assessed as competent in eChartered, as adequate evidence in the revised system.

When completing your Industry Review Evidence Statements, you should indicate that you are using eChartered assessed narratives as your evidence. You may need to give some context about your narrative to your Industry Reviewer.

Suggestion: Engineering Competency Claim submitted to Engineers Australia on X date, Assessed as Competent on X date. Claim referred to Building a Dam project XYZ where I managed the community consultation process. My eChartered IPPR will be used as my evidence.

At the point of Evidence upload, follow the instructions to upload and assign your IPPR as the evidence for each relevant Element of Competency.

In the case of only written ECCs, our Assessors have not yet seen the ECCs to make an assessment and therefore no credit can be given. If you don’t want to provide alternative types of evidence to show your competence as required by the revised process, you can instead copy and paste your eChartered written narrative from eChartered to a word document and then upload into the revised process.

Your Industry Review evidence statements will need to indicate that you are using a pre-written ECC as evidence, but you will still need to provide some context for your Reviewer to make their judgement.

It may be more appropriate to follow the evidence requirements of the revised process and provide evidence types such as reports, diagrams, project plans etc, from the same project or projects that you had described in your written narrative.

Our current guidelines for Evidence are within 10 years of the work described, being conducted.

Your assessed or written ECCs can be used for Evidence at any time as long as the work described is within the timeframe above.

Please note that the eChartered system will be closed in mid 2018 and you will lose access to download the IPPR report and any written narratives from this point.

If you are an eligible applicant but do not complete eChartered or transfer prior to the eChartered system closure in mid 2018 your eChartered enrolment will be updated to show you as discontinuing your application for Chartered. You will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid to date.

Based on a member feedback as well as world’s best practice. Many of our Members have started the Chartered process but have become demotivated by the writing process involved.

Being ready for Chartered is also an important part that was not adequately covered in our eChartered process. The Self Assessment and Industry Review will give our members the understanding of the Chartered standard and the confidence to apply. In changing the format/style of evidence, we are giving Members more choice over what evidence they can provide to EA. They can now provide existing reports, emails, charts, drawings etc (with explanation) that show their competency rather than writing a lengthy narrative. Pieces of evidence may also cover more than one competency, so only one piece is required rather than 2 separate narratives.

Our 16 Chartered Competencies and the Chartered Standard expectation have not changed!

If you are currently a graduate member, but you have three (3) years’ postgrad engineering experience, you may be eligible to upgrade your membership. This will then allow you to switch to the revised process. You can follow our online application steps to upgrade your membership.

If you have less than 3 years of post-grad experience, you will not be able to enrol in the enhanced process. However:

We will be offering a refund of your paid enrolment fee only.– this will either be back to you or to your sponsoring organisation, depending on who made the original payment.

If you did complete any ECCs, please access eChartered and download your IPPR so that you can use these assessed ECCs as evidence when you are able to apply.

Please engage with Steps 1 (Self-Assessment) & 2 (Industry Review) of the enhanced application process and get yourself ready for your Chartered application These two steps are FREE to use. Start gathering good evidence examples based on the evidence guide and competencies.

When you are eligible, make sure you upgrade to Member and then enrol for Chartered through our enhanced process.