How do I apply?

Prepare yourself for Chartered

Become Chartered - The Six Step Process



To complete all the 6 steps and be awarded Chartered, you must be a current member of Engineers Australia, and at the grade of Member or above (3+ years post grad engineering experience).  Those with less than 3 years experience can engage with Step 1 (Self Assessment) and Step 2 (Industry Review) as well as build their Evidence Portfolio, to be ready to continue with Steps 3-6 when eligible.

Alternate Pathways to Chartered

Engineers Australia currently offers the following alternate pathways to Chartered.  Please contact the Member Services Team for further details if you believe you may be eligible before starting the main application process outlined above.

  1. Chartered via Interview – Senior Industry
  2. Chartered for Academics
  3. Chartered for Defence: Navy
  4. Chartered for Defence: Airforce
  5. Chartered for Defence: Army Aviation
  6. Chartered in Systems Engineering

Previously Chartered?

If you previously held Chartered Status and wish to reinstate, please follow the reinstatement process outlined here.

Already Chartered? Want to add another Area of Practice?

You will need to provide Engineers Australia with details of your engineering experience and competency in the new Area(s) of Practice.  Please contact the Member Services Team for further details and to receive access to the application process.

Changing Occupational Category?

Chartered is awarded across the three occupational categories of Associate, Technologist and Professional Engineer.  Often members who are Associates and Technologists will undertake work experience and study to change to the next category. 

If you hold Chartered Status in one category, this will be removed if your occupational category changes and you will need to complete a new Chartered application for your new occupational category.  This is also the case if you have started an application in one category and mid application, change your category.  Please contact the Member Services team for advice if you are in this situation. 

Chartered Fees

Standard Member Pathway - $1760 inc GST

Standard Member Pathway eChartered Transition Discount  - $1100 inc GST (Valid till 30 September 2018 only)

Chartered Via Interview pathway - $1760 inc GST

Add an Area of Practice - $550 inc GST


Fees are payable via credit card or via request to Employer (selected Organisations only) at Enrolment

Different fees may apply for the alternate pathways.  Please contact Member Services for details if applying for an alternate pathway where the fee is currently not listed above.